Surviving Payer Audits: Why Tracking and Trending is the First Step to Protecting Revenue


We don’t have to tell you that payer audits and claim denials are the scourge of hospitals and other healthcare providers, no matter their size. Payer audits place an onerous burden on their recipients, especially as their volume and frequency has grown over time.

Given the resources consumed by processing audit requests, it can be tempting to focus on simply getting charts out the door in a timely fashion—yet that would be a mistake. Tracking and trending critical data from your payer audits will provide insights into trouble spots and help you understand where payers believe you are vulnerable. Using data analytics to understand trends in your payer audits is one aspect of the proactive compliance necessary to maintain revenue integrity. As payers apply increasingly sophisticated algorithms and other technology to claw back paid claims, now is the time to take action and protect your revenue.

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You’ll also learn:

  •       The advantages of working with a third-party audit management provider
  •       How increased visibility into payer audits will prevent future denials
  •       Why appeals are a necessary part of the overall audit management process
  •       The aggressive tactics that payers are using to recoup more claim dollars than ever before
  •       And much more!