Failing to Track Audits Will Negatively Impact Your Bottom Line


In today’s value-based care environment, healthcare providers are often inundated with record requests from payers seeking to take “a second look” at claims. While these payer audits aim to ensure the accuracy of the chart, they often result in painful adjustments, denials, or recoupments. As a result, hospitals and providers of all sizes are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of requests, unable to keep up with the auditors’ demands and the constantly changing rules and regulations. If you are not yet tracking and trending critical data fields from each audit request, you are missing out on crucial revenue cycle insights and the big picture of dollars-at-risk.

Download 6 Insights into the Payer Audit Process: Why Tracking and Trending Payer Audit Data is Crucial to Your Revenue Integrity to uncover the revenue sucking dangers of mismanaged healthcare audits, including:

  • How much revenue and man-hours are at risk
  • Why those currently handling your audits might not be well-equipped for the task
  • What invaluable insights you’re missing from not tracking and trending your audit data
  • When to expect audits and how to be prepared for when they happen
  • …and more!