Accurate Medical Coding for Reducing Denials


As a care provider, it has never been more difficult to avoid denials and maintain revenue integrity. With national denial rates estimated at 5-10% and climbing, leadership teams must take proactive steps to ensure revenue integrity and protect the financial health of their facilities. An effective part of any denial prevention program combines proactive coding and documentation audits with a data-driven approach to education and improvement. Accordingly, MRA has identified four key behaviors that drive compliant coding, minimize claim denials, and ensure revenue integrity.

In our latest tip sheet, you’ll learn 4 Ways Accurate Medical Coding Audits Reliably Reduce Denials, which include:

  • Avoiding upcoding by ensuring patients aren’t billed for services that were not performed
  • Using data from coding audits to tailor your training to the specific issues affecting your revenue cycle
  • Identifying benchmarks and KPIs for coders
  • …and more!